Sedation Dentistry


Many people can experience feelings of anxiety before or during various dental procedures. It is perfectly normal and okay to feel nervous or even fearful when anticipating a dental appointment, and often, it stems from having a previous dental experience that caused you pain or didn’t end up the way you thought it would. For many people, the actual procedure itself is effortless and straightforward and doesn’t cause any discomfort, but the high anxiety that they feel during the process is enough to turn them off of getting the care they need for their smile. 


Dr. Sista and Dr. Messina and their entire staff fully understand that patients are not all the same, but we have great news for you; you have options! You can experience your dental treatment with one of our dental specialties; a relaxed and fully-customized approach that offers you several different choices for different levels of sedation.


There are different levels and types of sedation available for dental procedures. The most common types of sedation used in dentistry are inhaled sedation, oral sedation (a pill that you take before your visit), and intravenous sedation, which is delivered via an IV directly into your bloodstream for maximum delivery. Unlike undergoing a general anesthesia that you would get in a hospital during surgery, conscious sedation is when you are being relaxed with the help of medications, but they do not force you to sleep. However, some patients do choose to go to sleep because they are so relaxed! Can you imagine being that comfortable in the middle of a dental procedure that you can just fall asleep? 


While sedation does make your dental visit much easier for you, it is very important to understand that dental sedation is not the same thing as taking a pain-killer and that regular numbing medications such as a local anesthetic, will still prove essential. However, sedation will make every part of your treatment more enjoyable if you’re experiencing some nerves or anxiety. Let us put your mind at ease so that you can have the smile of your dreams. 


Some procedures done in dentistry may require a deeper level of sedation for patients that are experiencing a higher level of anxiety about their procedure. When other methods of sedation aren’t quite enough to put you at ease, IV sedation is a good alternative. During IV sedation, an anti-anxiety drug is administered through the blood system via an IV while the treatment is completed. IV sedation also allows the medication to be delivered more efficiently and lets the patient achieve a much deeper level of relaxation. You probably won’t even remember much (or remember anything at all) about your procedure because of the short-term amnesia effect that it creates.  


As with all other forms of sedation, more complicated procedures will seem to take less time to complete, and more of these treatments are typically completed in just one appointment with sedation. You are continually being adequately monitored throughout your entire visit to our office for your safety. You will still need someone there to drive you home afterward, since there will most likely be some lingering effects, such as drowsiness or sleepiness. Due to the advanced monitoring that is required during this type of dental sedation, we work closely with specialists who are highly trained and educated, and well-equipped to make this an exceptionally safe experience for you. We are always happy to help and free to discuss any of your sedation needs and to help customize a plan just for you. If IV sedation is a possibility for your treatment plan, we will help to get you scheduled with our specialists who help us make this treatment possible. Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from having the brightest, best smile that you can have. 


So whether you are in need of help with implants, cosmetic dentistry, maintaining and preventing oral diseases, or even just general dentistry, if it causes you some level of anxiety, we can help put your mind and body at ease while we restore and maintain your smile. When you contact us today so we can set up a consultation to go over all of your options, let us know if you experience dental anxiety so that we can plan for your visit accordingly. We want every patient that walks out of our office to have a smile on their face and confidence in their dental team. 

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